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I want to be with my papa

Please pray for me that my papa comes back. My papa died in an accident, on January 11, 2008. He was in the hospital for 1 month in an ICU, no doctor could save him.

I know what I am asking for what does not happen in real life; but I know that Lord Jesus has the power and he can do anything that he chooses to do. I really want my papa. I want to be with him. It is not for my selfish reasons that I want papa; but I want him to be able to give him happiness which was due for him. All his life, he only struggled to give us good life, and today when we are educated and it is time to give him happiness, he has gone so far away from us. We really need him…and miss him so much. My mother is such a holy person….she deserves to be happy, and without papa, her life is meaningless.

Please pray that our papa comes back through a miracle, which I am 100% sure can happen, if God is willing to do so.

Incase God chooses for his best reasons, not to do so, then please ask lord jesus that mom, amit, sumit, inder, aaryan and myself, we all go to papa, but this time all at one time.

I know one thing for sure that no matter how difficult a situation may be, you just have to say that “Jesus, I trust you”, and he will take care of the rest.

I thank you for praying for me.

In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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