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I Want to be Closer to God

by Violeta

Please help me to be closer to God. I want most of all to live a spiritual life..a life of meaning and Great Love.

Thank You.

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Feb 18, 2008
Spiritual blessings
by: Mashubi

Dearest Violeta, may you be blessed with the fruits of spiritual life. May all of God's blessings come to you. May you come to know and feel and live your connection to God. With much love to you.

Mar 13, 2008
wanting to be a better christian
by: richard tate

ive been a sinner most of my life and done some pretty bad things.Can i be totally forgiven and get as close to lord jesus as possilble?My heart breaks into every time i do something wrong and i ask forgiveness but still feel guilty

Mar 16, 2008
I Want to Be Closer to God
by: Naomi


There is no more divine longing than this.
When you speak the words of your heart, they
are already on their way to the heart of God.
Have faith in the promises of God and know that
you are loved to the depth of your longing and the beauty of your own heart and soul.
Surrender to God and allow the Spirit to guide you
in the ways that will begin to awaken you to all the ways that God is reaching out to you.
Listen to your heart and know that you are held in the arms of love. Open your inner eyes and become aware of how near God is to you in this very moment. God is as close as your breath and as close as the beating of your heart.
I join you in your prayer.

Much Love, Naomi

Mar 20, 2008
To Richard on Forgiveness
by: Mashubi

Dearest Richard,

Yes, it is possible to be completely forgiven. The burdens we carry of our past transgressions can be lifted through a deepening of our relationship with God. What is needed from us in order to accomplish this, is the total and complete alignment of our lives with God ... Placing God first, and everything else second. When we do this a profound healing process begins to happen. It is not easy, because we are asked to face everything within us that turns away from God. What helps a great deal is to have spiritual support, people in our lives who can support us in this spiritual healing process and help us to face our challenges and stay connected to God, rather than going backwards into the old behavior. We have a Purification Support group at WorldBlessings.net, you are most welcome to join. With much love to you.

Jan 13, 2009
I'm not even in touch with him
by: Emma

I believe in him but I feel that when I pray he doesn't hear or help. Why do I feel like I'm a bad person?

Mar 29, 2009
To Emma
by: Nat

Are any of us good people? God loves us all in our sin and this means that God loves bad people - all of us. The reason why God is so good, awesome and worthy of praise is because he gives such amazing things when we are so unworthy.

Ask him for help with this and he will provide it. I hope God blesses you all.

Jan 18, 2011
please say a pray for me x
by: ricky walker

i am a bad person i have commited sin after sin i have hurt a lot of people and crimes serious crimes .even though i have never murdered anyone i have commited many more terrible sins .and have had many serious things happen to me .i have nearly lost my life on many occassions .had have been a bad father to my children off three different women .i am a adulteress a liar .and i had everything now i have nothing no friends not a family that cares and i feel so low .and i have realy thought about ending it all .but i have asked for help from god in jesus name .but i find my self week and im not being herd .please say a pray for me and help seek the right path before it is to late for me i beg of u amen x

May 29, 2011
by: shali

hi god

May 30, 2011
by: Anonymous

hi i shali how r u

Jul 18, 2011
to ricky walker
by: Anonymous

Hi ricky . This is for you . I am a born again christian . But i have done lots of very bad things to . But hang in there and keep praying he hears you . I will pray for you . May the lord lead you into a better life . Amen xxxxx

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