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I want him change as a human being

by Santi
(Sambalpur/jeypore, odisha, india)

I am 26 year old. since my child hood I have seen lots of problem and suffer within it. I don't know about other . In my week moment a boy came in to my life when career was my motto in life. he loves and care me. I am always a girl who thirsty of love. Because i did not get enough love and guidance from my family. since last 3 years I have build relationship with him. in this relationship i have totally lost today. then he try to play with my emotion. he try to prove me mad before my friends and my cousoun. when my family know about our ralation give me trust that I will be with you. But when I told about our relation before my family he remained silent. after that he try to keep apart himself from me. I also remain silent. After 2 months again he back and try to rebuild relation with me. I think if he realising then who am i to forgive. lets start a new life. but not possible. he beat me,try to prove me mad. try to distrub my family life. I can not live without him in present situation. please make him change. what hurts he has given pleas eheal by himself. My family now not sending me to my job. I will die if my career will spoil and if he will not change too. I want to die

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Feb 29, 2012
The life you have is for you to live for GOD NEW
by: Giving Lord

I feel your pain but the life God gave you is for you to live for GOD..It is precious and valuable..It is not for the boy whom you are expecting to be the one in your life neither for your family or for yourself..It is for the Lord you have to live and proove to the Lord that you are worthy enough to carry on your responsibilities. God has a plan..if this is relationship is not working for you then please keep in mind that God has a better plan for you..You need a man who values you as an individual..Our Lord always gives us the best..your boy friend is always in my prayers but please as i said keep in mind that God always wanted to gift you only the best..He wants us to listen and talk to him before we take any decissions in our life which most of us forget and take our own decissions..and when that turns into hell we ask God "why did this happen to me..so please listen to god when you pray..let your prayers turn into the little loving talks to your Lord..he is standing next to you asking shanti, can you see me..do you listen to me ? why dont you talk to me ?
god bless you santi..

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