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I Sing to Your Beauty

by Naomi

The Light of Spirit

The Light of Spirit

Deep within you,
there is a treasure
waiting to be discovered
and longing to be found.
Hidden within the rhythm
of your heart is a source of power,
glowing with the light of Love.
drawing you, calling to you
in a voice that feels so like your own.
It moves and stirs and longs to born,
leaping in joy when love comes near!
Answer the inner music
pouring through your heart.
Run to the arms that are open
and waiting for you.
Fly to the love you harbor and protect
in the secret places of your soul.
The riches of Solomon,
the burning bush of Moses,
the beauty of Joseph,
the star of David,
the secrets of the Holy Grail,
the Light of Christ,
and the wild and wonderful
freedom of Love
will be yours.


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