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I Need Your Blessings Dear God so I can Bless Others

by Eddie Noriega

I am in need of a financial miracle, blessing, or breakthrough. I am behind in all my payments. I have always been there for people to help and assist, and it seems that all doors have closed for me. I have been told I have a giving heart, and it is this giving heart, and my lack of judgment, that has me in such a situation. I have always given freely to people in need. I have always given to all those people GOD has placed in my life to bless. I need the blessing now, GOD why do i feel you distant. My emotional financial stress, is keeping me out of focus. Please GOD open doors for me. I need to get out of debt, so I can continue blessing others.

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Jan 13, 2012

I enjoy your words,its also my prayer at times i feel that GOD is so far away yet i know he is near. I really need him now more than ever ,only he can answer my praying in such a way that it will bring about the completeness I seek in this life.I pray for GOD help in our lives, as only he can, when GOD fixes things they fixed in every part of your life. So let continue to pray that We have Favor from GOD to hear and answer our prayes that GOD Though US also show his love for all that LOVE him and commit themselve to doing HIS WILL.....

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