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i need a miracle here

by monique

p.s i need a miracle here
p.s my mom the return of her memory more needs to come back caused by too many surgeries plus back to back surgeries too many pain killers and put to sleep too many times
p.s my mom to walk again without help
p.s my mom irritable bowel syndrome to stop and have regular bowel movements instead
p.s my dad diabetic to heal
p.s my dad lose weight on his stomach
p.s my dad tumor on his prostate gone
p.s never never send my precious parents to a nursing home never never you know they certainly don't deserve that you know they certainly don't belong there you know you would never never send your precious parents there never never don't send mine there either
p.s in the bible jesus healed anyone and everyone that came to him even on someone else behalf
p.s dear god am desperate and am in debt slavery my famly is in verge of breaking i seek your help

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Oct 21, 2008
God bless you

May God bless you and your parents and all your family. May God bring healing and open doors in your lives for new solutions to the difficult challenges.

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