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I love her but i don't know if i should be in a relationship

About a year ago, i met a woman that helped me open my hear to such beautiful experiences. We have connected so deeply and have grown alot together. We dated for about 7 months until i went to college. During that time, she slept with an ex-boyfriends twice and i kissed one of her friends, but all while we were not together. Even though we were not together, we both were upset with the actions we chose. WE have got back together twice again since i have returned from college but there seems to be something in the way.
We are very close friends now i keep thinking too much about our relationship and whether or not we should be together. I still love her and am very happy around her, but when i try to be with her i feel something between us. I don't know if i am trying to hold on and recreate what we used to have or i want to be with her because i love her and want to grow more. I am asking for guidance in trying to find out if i am holding on or not?

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Not sure if this is right answer or not
by: candy

I have been married to the same man for 28 years and while we were dating he went out with a good friend of mine, I had a hard time with this, I went back and 3 children later I am so glad I did. Sometimes the heart heals with the grace of God, you are hurt right now so deeply but over time it will heal. My mom had told me at the time that since we weren't married he could date anyone he wished and to just let time heal the wound. It worked and now I look back it wasn't as bad as I thought it was at the time. You follow your heart and pray for healing. Just be honest with her and let her know that you can't accept her seeing anyone else but even if you have to be away from her at any length of time and stick to your word with her, if she fails than let her go. This would mean she is not the right one. It worked for me and has worked out well.

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