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I Hope In Thee For Us

by Meg

Heavenly Father, Denic and I have always been faithful to You. We are both God-fearing and I believe, have been good persons. Somewhere along the way our love grew weak. In Jesus name I ask that you work on our love, may we see that our love brings us closer to you and that we are indeed better persons because of each other. May you guide our ways back into one another, may we reconcile our differences and forgive our shortcomings. Soften our hearts and let down our pride and see that what we have to offer is only pure intentions and love. Lord, forgive us if we fail You at times. All this I ask in Jesus name. Amen.

P.S. Thank You for the people who are praying for each other on this site. May you continue to bless them. It is because of people like them that I believe there is still some good found on this Earth. My faith grows strong because of them. Thank You.

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