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Comments for I Hope In Thee For Us

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Jan 22, 2008
I hope in Theee for Us
by: gero

God Bless your relationship and keep it strong...keep it from evil forces from outside who envy the love you two have for each other.
Hang tight and do not ever stop loving yourself,
your partner and God...the almighty triangle.

In Jesus Name.


Jan 27, 2008
Loving as God Loves
by: Mashubi

Dearest Meg, may your relationship with Denic receive a new infusion of divine love, light and healing. May you be guided in your healing process both individually and as a couple. May your love grow stronger, and may you receiving understanding, forgiveness and blessing each day. May you be guided to all those souls that can love and support you during this time. May you be blessed with the capacity to love one another as god loves. ?With much love to you both.

Feb 03, 2008
Update on "I Hope In Thee For Us"
by: Meg

Dear God, it's been a while now.. but still you are silent with my prayer request.. I am trying so hard to trust You with all my heart. It's just that I am so broken up inside.. Please don't take the love of my life away from me. You have given Him to me and I have accepted Him with all my heart and now you want to take him away.. This just hurts me so much..

Thank You for your prayer. God bless you.

Feb 07, 2008
Thank you for the update
by: Mashubi

Dearest Meg, thank you for updating us, and I am so sorry that difficulties continue in your relationship. We have an area of our site on spiritual relationships and perhaps some of the information here can be of support to you during this difficult time. God bless your faith and your willingness to continue to reach out to spirit even when times are difficult. With much love and continued prayers to you.

Feb 07, 2008
Healing quote for blessings
by: Anonymous

To Meg with love.

"To be afraid to hope is understandable.
To hope despite this is saying "yes" to life.

When disappointments come, the heart has a choice to make - to retreat from life and become smaller, or to embrace life,
including its disappointments, and become larger."

From Calendar of 100 Days

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