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I Am

by Naomi
(Midwest (Heartland))

There is a moment in the center

of the circling world,

when all faces and places and things,

and all thoughts and sights and sounds

disappear from my perception,

and I drop through a spaceless vortex

where a deeper sense awakens

and I become pure awareness.

There is no orientation,

no visible markers, no form,

no light, nothing to touch,

and yet, I am, and I know that I am.

The awareness

I feel in the sensory world

is still present.

There is no within and without,

no high and low,

no image to behold,

no belief to maintain or guide me.

Each time I journey into this placeless

existence, I wonder where I am.

I know that I am, somehow I know.

Yet, I am nowhere.

I remember a lifetime of longing

to know the One I call God,

the One, who created all that is.

All my longing and desire

to break through the barriers

of the unreachable

became an endless

reach to somehow know

what is impossible to know.

When I return to the visible world,

I am able to recall this pure awareness.

I can close my eyes

and return to the living stillness,

to the essence

beyond all other Life,

this existence that always was

and is and always will be.

It is the pure center point

of everything and of everyone,

the moment out of which

we spring into becoming.

Whatever seems impossible

and when all seems to spin

out of control in this life we know,

I slip through the tension

and the bonds of earth

and borrow from the point

of all beginning

from pure balance.

There is no conflict,

no contrast, no difference,

no rhythm, no expression, no wave,

no wind, and yet, it is not nothing.

It is pure is-ness.

That strange message to Moses,

at the peak of the mountain,

speaking out of the fire,

I am that I am,

is the center of stillness

within each one of us.

When I open my eyes

upon this earth,

I am overcome by the beauty

and sweetness of life.

I become pure Joy.

I am

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