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My Kings and Queen let me share this message with you. Sometimes in life things happen. Things out of our control, things we didn’t plan for, and these things can change our life in the blink of an eye. My life has been turned upside down because of Sarcoidosis and severe Chronic pain....but I Am Not Defeated. When I write here on my wall I am writing to share my pain, frustration and my knowledge of what I know you must be feeling because of you Illness, Sickness, Disease and Pain. I share the messages god puts upon my heart to get across to someone in need of comfort, love and understanding. But through all of my pain I need you to know that because I am a Warrior and a Fighter...I am never defeated for I am more than a conqueror. I am not destroyed, I am built up on my most holy faith. During the moments where I can’t seem to grasp what has happened to me and my body or where to go from here or who to turn to for comfort and understanding, I am constantly hearing the phrases, “You are crushed, but not Destroyed….”You are NOT Defeated”. It’s at these moments that I really think about living as if I’m defeated versus living as if I’m NOT defeated.

Yes I have some very horrible days in my body because of Sarcoidosis and Severe Pain but in my mind heart spirit I have it, it doesn't have me and in my faith I am made STRONG. I refuse to Give Up because many times we think that we can put our swords down because God will do all the fighting for us and on some occasions He does. Most of the time He will be with us in our battles (back to back fighting against our enemies of Pain, Disease and Sickness), sometimes when the heat of the battle is more then we can bear...if you listen closely you can hear your God whisper, “I Got Your Back.” Do not allow your current circumstances and situations to determine your destiny….At this present time things may look bad, your pain is out of control but the battle is not over. You might be down but you’re not out, the battle is not over. Keep fighting even if it seem as if you’re losing.

Keep praying, keep reading and talking to God, keep being kind, keep helping others, keep doing what’s right. Because for me mu Faith is Strong and daily in my mind I am Renewed, Restored and made Whole because of my God. Many of you may not be spiritual and that's ok...because I know when the pain hits your faith in anyone or anything can diminish. By being sick I had to totally change my way of thinking, and by changing my way of thinking and getting to know Me and my body fully, I changed my life to be more suitable for me. Writing is an outlet for me and I know through my testimony if I can reach out and help uplift empower and encourage just ONE person...I am doing as God instructed and in that I feel comforted that I am at peace in my mind, heart and spirit. I write from my experiences and from my heart. We can take courage when we know God is with us. Whenever you are facing a great task of just making it from day to day or having to make a hard decision, ask God to be with you and ask for His wisdom and listen closely for the answers may come to you in many forms. Wisdom will allow us to know the direction God is leading us.

This is My Prayer and Confession:

The battle may get intense, but through my God I will conquer all problems, situations and circumstances. I am backed-up by the greatest authority in the universe. The Creator has given me the authority to speak to my pains, disease confusion and frustration and command it to be comforted. The Creator has torn down the walls so I can share my Bright Shining Light onto others. I am not a wimp or a weakling in God I am a Warrior, a Fighter. If God is for me who can be against me?

You may not share my logic but you do share my pain...I want you to know...I See You...I Feel You and YOU are Not Alone in your struggles. And know I just like God...Got Your Back!

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