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I am in Great Need of Prayers

by Thomas J Kennedy
(South Portland ME U.S.A. )

Thank you all good people who take a moment to read this prayer request .
I am in great need of prayers for healing and love in my life and for the people I love . my situation has become so bad that I am totally just waiting to die .
I need to have some good things really happen and I need to move back into myself again so I can be a normal person again . This bad stuff and pain has to leave . I have to have some sort of reasonable income and some sort of way to rebuild my life so that the depression and bad vibes does not effect any more in regards to my kids , whom I love very much and have not seen in a year + . I am a loving dad and now my exwife has remarried and wants the new man to adopt them . I used to be normal and now my life is a real life nightmare and I have done nothing but work to be better 24 /7 for 3 years . I am 3 years sober and do something good al the time , nothing can stop this I think it is the devil so I said it please pray for me . I am into new age things and have faith , that's why I am writing here . Thanks . tom .k. south portland maine .

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