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How I Deal with Depression

by Christy

my son died in nov. i have been severely depressed, i can not read myself well, therapy cost too much money for these hard economic times, anti-depressants are a mask for the situation, so every morning when i open my eyes, i say; "THANK YOU GOD FOR GIVING ME CHRIS FOR 31 YEARS" and then i pull myself out of bed, and face the day with heart full of love, and gratitude for all of the blessings in my life.

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by: Mashubi

Dearest Christy, I am so touched by your courage and the light of your spirit. Thank you so much for sharing. May your heart be comforted, and may new life emerge from this deeply painful loss of your son. With much love, Mashubi

by: Doran

I am touched by your facing the day anew Christy, and your gratitude for what you received in the time you had with your son. Thank you for sharing.


by: Deb

Dear Christy...may the cloud of Depression be forever cleared as your heart lightens up with love and gratitude....may light surround you and fill all the dark spaces...much love and may you be blessed beyond measure...so be it.

May God bless you
by: Al


I add my prayers to your healing. May God give you the strength and love

Aum Shanti

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