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Hoping to Receive Old Job and Financial Blessings

by Carlo Durante
(Revere, MA, USA)

I am writing to ask you to please keep me in your prayers and to shine your light in my direction.

I am an unemployed English literature teacher who has been unemployed and bankrupt since last March. I have been put through one of the biggest tests of faith in my entire life as I sought new job opportunities over the summer only to be rejected time and time again. No matter how wonderful and passionate of a teacher I am, I always came in second place, thus being denied employment.

However, there's a strong chance that I may receive my first teaching position back in a wonderful town named Saugus where I was happy and very successful. The current teacher (Myra Monto) is applying for a vice-principal position in the same school system and if she gets the promotion, I will automatically receive my old job back.

There's nothing I wouldn't do to return to the place where I was adored, respected, and cared for by the other teachers, administration, and my students' who I loved with all of my heart and still do.

If you can please help me during this critical time, I will forever be in your debt and as grateful as possible. Miracles happen everyday and I know in my heart that one can happen for both me and Myra.

Everyone deserves a second chance. Through faith and God's love for me, I believe the best is coming my way.

Thank You!

Sincerely Yours,
Carlo Durante

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