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How to Find the Right Holistic Healing School

Many who are drawn to spiritual healing decide to undertake training at a spiritual or holistic healing school. Depending on your heart's calling, you may be drawn to learning about alternative healing therapies, spiritual healing practices, or you may be seeking healing for yourself.

The advent of spiritual awakening in our world has opened many possibilities for all those who wish to deepen their spiritual understanding and to receive spiritual healing. This opening has many benefits in sharing spiritual healing with a wider audience, however it also has drawbacks because the quality of training in holistic healing schools varies widely.

There are few standards in the spiritual healing and holistic healing arena, and so when you are looking for a holistic healing school, it is important that you pay attention not just to what the marketing materials and websites say, but to the feeling, atmosphere and energy of the people who operate the holistic healing school.

What They Don't Tell You About Holistic Healing Schools

God is healer in any kind of holistic or spiritual healing practice, and the techniques and methods you learn may be valuable, but what is more valuable is your own purity, clarity and ability to be present with yourself and your client. This non-tangible but extremely important quality is something that has been called holding a healing space, and it is best learned from those who can demonstrate this themselves. Your ability to hold a healing space allows God and spirit to work through you, thus accomplishing much more than if you were to simply experience techniques and methods.

When you experience what it is like to be in the presence of someone who is holding a healing space for you, you receive a direct experience of spiritual healing. When this happens, your body and energy bodies can "remember" the experience and can more easily learn to hold a healing space for another person.

This aspect of spiritual healing is not explicitly taught in most holistic healing schools, however it can be learned and applied to any healing modality. One of the great blessings in my own life is to witness the growing number of doctors and health professionals who have learned more about holistic healing and incorporated this into their practice.

Where to Find a Holistic Healing School

Many holistic healing schools are smaller, community based organizations or even non-profit agencies. Often you can find these in your local community holistic health directory, or at your local health foods store. If you are looking to enter a specific field of study such as Rolfing, Acupuncture, Network Chiropractic, or Yoga Teacher training, you will be able to find these online by doing a search for these.

Alternatives to a Holistic Healing School

If you are feeling called to develop a career in holistic healing, you will need to pursue professional accreditation at a schools that will give you the training and credentials to be a professional practitioner such as a massage therapist, chirporactor, dance-movement therapist and so on.

If you already have a satisfying career, and you may want to learn about holistic healing for your own benefit. If you are already a doctor, nurse, physical therapist or other health practitioner, you may want to enhance the work that you do by learning new holistic healing skills that can be incorporated into your existing work.

Many people who become involved with holistic healing undertake a program of spiritual training, to awaken their inner guidance and free themselves of unresolved personal and emotional issues. This level of training goes beyond any one holistic healing school and enables a person to transform their own consciousness, thus becoming a living embodiment of God's love.

When a person becomes more free through the process of spiritual transformation, their heart opens and their very presence has a beneficial healing effect. Spiritual training is sometimes included in the curriculum of holistic healing schools. World Blessings has several spiritual training resources including the Calendar of Light which is a ten month program available online on a donation basis.

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