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Help me out of the Misery

by Karen

Help me out of the misery.I have been married 21 years and I adore my husband and believe in marriage and I want him to be happy.I have not been a priority in his life for many years. He has put his work and his employees before me. I just keep praying,hoping,and loving him. I feel like I am an inconvenience and he is always mad at me.A few days ago he told me his secretary was leaving,and that it meant he would have more work to do because she was irreplacable. He has been mean and angry all week, and I think that perhaps he really cares for her more than just a friend.I just want him to be happy and I can't stand being neglected. I am exhausted and really feel that I have given 200% to this marriage.I just wonder if God is calling me to get a divorce because I make him so miserable.

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