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Help me o lord!!!!!!!!

I have been in serious financial situation for 3 years now. My debts are high and i am trying very hard not to get depressed and tired amidst 3 beautiful kids and a wife. My prayer request is for a job, a very good paying job because i believe hard work with faith answereth all. I know with a very well paying job, I will be able to get out of my financial stress. All I need you to pray for me to keep all evil doers away.

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Aug 25, 2008
Abundance prayer

May God bless you and bring abundance, strength, and all the support that you need. Amen.

Aug 25, 2009
I am there too!
by: Anonymous

Hang in there , I to am have finacial problems. Sometimes you wonder how much you can take right!
The Loard has seen me threw tough times before and I pray he will see me threw these time, as he will you. I will pray for you my friend!
Go bless and keep your faith!

Jun 12, 2010
Touching and agreeing with you
by: Anonymous

Like you I am in a financial bind. I need the Lord to open a door for me and my family also. I have been seeking job after job and no one seem to hire me. I have over 20 years experience in office work and criminal justice, but no one and 2 years of college, but no one seems to call me. I am waiting on a call right now from Fedex, and I am believing that they will call me for the job. I believe when they call me for the job, everybody on this prayer request page will get what thy desire from the Lord. God is faithful to his promises and pray that all evil will not overtake your mind, because believe me sir they will enter your mind. But God said that he will keep our mind in perfect peace, if we just keep our mind on Him. My brother God is going to give you that GREAT paying job, because of your faith and faithfullness... Be strong in the Lord.

Mar 13, 2011
depressed about no work and financial trouble
by: Alice

Your situation is extremely difficult and does drag you down. Believe it or not, this will pass. I intercede for people with God often, and get very positive answers. I will pray for your situation especially. It will come right - believe it and Than God. I send you my love.

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