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Heart to Heart

by Naomi

Gateway to Eternal Love

Gateway to Eternal Love

To all who pray and long for love,

We cry out and share our prayers with each other. We turn to the caring hearts who listen to us, who pray with us, pray for our deepest needs, who hear and feel our hearts across the physical distances between us.
We come from different states and countries and different cultures, and we meet in the heart and the divine light that surrounds it and realize that we all share the same creator, we all dwell on this beautiful planet, and that we are here to learn to create and love each other and see ourselves in the face of others, and to reflect their faces in our own....to find our oneness...our relatedness...our global family.

Perhaps our concerns and fears and the things that happen to us become the very catalyst that invites us to open to each other.
We feel the compassion that wants the well being and happiness of all neighbors around the world.
Let's join in prayer together to pray for all hearts across the earth. When we move beyond our own fears and wants and needs to help another, our hearts open to be able to receive love as well. Fear can make us shut down and close up and block the flow of love wanting to come to us.

My prayer is for all of our prayers to flow together...that we might feel the richness of the love that answers our deepest hunger for connection.
My prayer is for light and love and peace for every heart.
Thank you for all who share, and thank you for all who care. May we feel the blessing of community and the presence of love.

A prayer of thanks for those who have provided a place where we can share with each other.

Love, Naomi

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