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Hear and Help Me God

by Mark

Dear God Our Father creator of heaven and earth forgive me in all the sins that I've done. Right now Lord I'm in my down part of my life and situation. I have my pending job application to Italy and I'm waiting for the result of it and hope that it will come soon so that I can able to help my mother, brother and all the people who needs my help and so that I can help them in the best way I can. You've given me so much in past years. But this one is I truly desire. Lord I really wanted to go to Italy and work as a caregiver because I know this is the only way I can able to improve my life and change to a better person. I know that I'm a bad son and I'm not worthy of you but I want to change for a better. I want you to be part of me again and lead me to a better place. Lord, my mom worked hard for me and for my brother so hard. She worked in Taiwan as a domestic helper in able to give us good education and finish college but we failed her. Right now we're struggling to live. Last week my mom told me that she wanted to go to hong kong to work as a domestic helper again because she's very worried about our lives now and about my future and the future of my brother but I don't want her to go abroad again and work as a domestic helper again. She already done her part as a mother to us. Now I wanted to go to Italy and work there as a caregiver so that I can able to send mom to a better hospital and give her a better life. It's time for me to work for her. Lord, please help me and hear my prayer. I really want to go to Italy and work as a caregiver so that I can able to establish myself and so that I can able to give my mom a peace of mind and not to worry about my future. Because my mom wanted to see me and my brother already establish so that she will now longer worried. Please help me God. I ask this through Christ our Lord...AMEN

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