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Healing With Gem Stones

Healing with gem stones has been practiced in many ancient and indigenous cultures of the world. Native Americans, Vedic healers in India, and the ancient Egyptians practiced crystal healing. Today this spiritual healing practice continues, and has evolved. Now there are multiple ways to experience healing with gem stones, not only through using traditional crystal healing methods, but through new crystal light therapies and therapeutic gem essences.

If you are new to the process of learning about healing with gem stones, these terms may sound strange to you. Crystal healing is a form of energy healing that infuses the energy bodies with specific vibrational frequencies, to bring healing to the emotional, mental and then physical bodies.

Healing with gem stones is an intuitive art. Some healers specialize in this form of crystal healing, and many healers incorporate healing with gem stones into their existing healing modalities.

My own work with crystals began during the early years of my work in the area of spiritual healing, and moved to a new level of understanding when I was first guided to visit Brazil and learn about Brazilian spiritual healing. The group I was studying with used crystals, and my mentor had written several books about crystal healing, but they were in Portuguese! Though I eventually learned to speak some Portuguese, I found that the best way for me to learn about healing with gem stones was through my own experience.

Natural Healing With Crystals

When I was first introduced to the idea of healing with gem stones, I began to immediately incorporate them into my life. I enjoyed browsing at the spiritual bookstore, intuitively attuning to the crystal healing properties of the different gemstones. Over time I began to notice which crystals my body resonated with, and which did not.

I began to use the crystals in my healing sessions. During energy healing sessions, my inner guidance would clearly tell me that a particular gem stone was needed for a particular client. Sometimes I would be guided to place the crystal on the person's energy centers ( chakras ) or near their feet, or in the palms of their hands. My clients reported some amazing experiences during the sessions. The crystals also added a beautiful vibration to my healing room.

I learned to care for the crystals. To clear the crystals I placed them in salt water, in the sun to release the energies they had absorbed. Every once in a while the crystals would somehow intuitively communicate to me that they were getting depleted. I don't know how to explain this, but I would know when they needed to be 'recharged'. I would bury them in he Earth for a few days or longer, then have them sit in the sunlight. The effect was similar to how happy plants are when you water them :-) .

My experience of healing with gem stones is that the crystals amplify specific vibrations of Light. Intuition will guide you to the right gemstones or crystals to facilitate the healing process. We are drawn to the energies and the gemstones that we need, and as we grow and develop, the kinds of crystals we are attracted to may change.

There are many excellent and detailed reference books on healing with gemstones, vibrational medicine, and crystal healing that are helpful for those who are called to learn more specific details about this ancient form of energy healing.

Healing with gemstones is a simple and profound way to attune to our energy bodies as well as our physical body. Crystal healing can support other kinds of healing interventions, and can open us to receiving higher vibrations of Light so that we may be more deeply connected to our truest, deepest selves in God.

You can read more about healing with gemstones at the Light Omega site.

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