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Healing Prayers - can anyone help

by Latashcha

im really negative at the moment and keep worrying about dying, everything i watch on tv i fear iv got that illness. i understand the cause and effect laws and am concerned im creating myself to get ill. if anyone can help id be relieved.

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Sep 07, 2008
try positive affirmations
by: Anonymous

well you need to do positive affirmations to get rid of it, youve programmed yourself negatively, but the goof news is you can program yourself positively, like i am perfectly healthy, and at peace with my life, etc, you can look for positive affirmations on the internet, its like a casette, it takes about 40 times for something to become, programmed in your brain, maybe more but its worth it, i know because ive had to do it, and there are alot of self help books, out there which can help, all the best

Sep 08, 2008
Prayers for healing...
by: Deb

Dear Lataschcha...I send much love and prayers for healing of the negative mind...I know it well...may you be guided and receive all that you need to assist you in changing your MIND...one thought at a time until one day you wake up HAPPY to be alive....as Wayne Dyer says, "Change your thoughts and change your life"...may you be LIFTED up and surrounded by Angels during this time of transition into more light into your life...breathe IN and receive God's love for YOU....for your highest good, I pray!

Oct 26, 2008
to Lataschcha to heal your negative thoughts
by: Rainbow

Dear Lataschcha. The planet is in transition and in the process of cleansing so much negativity. Sadly no one likes change, and transitions bring both negativity as well as tremendous opportunities for growth and development. It is so easy to get caught up and drawn into the fear that is everywhere at present. So many people are so grounded in the ego, which brings about fear in times of change and cannot see things from a spiritual perspective that this cleansing is necessary, that much good will come from it. There is great hope for people and the future of the earth, although very few people can see that at present. There has been much greed and evil in the world and much healing is taking place now and really you arelucky to have incarnated at this time. You can be a part of that healing and become a light worker yourself to help others. If you are a sensitive person you may be getting caught up in the collective consciousness of fear and negativity. Read articles on raising your light body on this site and elsewhere, work with your higher self, especially with visualisations, prayer, affirmations and look to your nutrition and increasing water intake to help clear toxins during this transitional time. Every time you have a shower visialise the water coming down on you as beautiful white light, cleansing, healing and washing all the negativity away to be transmuted into earth or sky for the great Mother of Earth or the Great Father in the sky to heal. Write your negative thoughts and beliefs on a piece of paper or journal before you sleep and leave them downstairs so that you can surrender yourself to the night whereby much inner work is taking place to help people at this time connect more with their spiritual selves, whatever their form of spirituality may be. trust that this is happening, trust, trust trust and do not get sucked into the fear it will drag you down and stop you from progressing on your soul's journey,thank the negativity for trying to keep you safe and hypervigalent but tell it its job is now over and it can be transmuted into the light. go inside and work within, we use so much energy thinking negatively but out minds also have an enormous creative resource. "tap into that" put your active mind to creative use and watch the seeds you plant there grow and prosper. I was once told on a training course ---- what you see as your weaknesses will become your strengths, because those are the things you will work on most---. When those negative thoughts come in surround them with light and love, put them in a bubble and see that bubble drifting away in the light. Go forward my friend in love and light. Negative thinking is a waste of energy - we are now in the "quickening" use your spare time productively to nurture and evolve your spiritual self,it will bring you great rewards and your light will spread to others to help them. Namaste -

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