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Healing for my Sister and her Alcoholic Husband



I would like to request prayers for my sister who has been married for many years to a man that she loves, but who is an alcoholic. He has tried many times to get sober, and this past year we thought he had gotten over the hump. He got sober, and they went into counseling and made arrangements for an amicable separation. Sadly, he began drinking again recently and they are stuck back in this terrible, painful pattern. She has wanted to leave him for years, but is afraid. Their son, my nephew has suffered from the constant anger in their household and he is struggling to find himself. Please send your prayers to their family. They need courage to break the old patterns, and the willingness to let go and forgive. They need hope to heal after so many years of anger, hurt, blame and pain. Thank you very much for your prayers.

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