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Healing Energy Question

by Marianne Haines
(Eastpointe, Michigan, USA)

I have been doing energy work for many years and even before it was given a name, and all I hear is this from Reiki you are channelling the energy from your Divine Source ( what ever that may be for you) you are not the source of healing! I have been told that Reiki people are not to say that it is them who is healing? This goes on and on about one healing technique after another, when I am doing healings as people call it what I see is the source of the problem and what I ( I will say that again what I) have to do in order to remove this problem, where is this information coming from you say? Does it really matter isn't that a human thing to always wonder where things come from and what is the name of this or that? but anyways I don't know is it from guidness from Home? Is it from me picking up the problem area and knowing what to do psychically, or other? Is it outside of me and I am being channelled not only the problem but the solution? I don't know what I do know is this I don't question it and I just do what I see and I have do issues about it. I do what is needed and no thinking is envolved no planning is envolved, no symbols are envolved, nothing is envolved for me to bring wholness back to a being of any kind. So I don't understand with all these healing techniques that we channell the energy, We are the energy of Source and therefore the energy to heal. How can it be different if we come from Source and therefore have Source's energy all ready. This is so confusing to how we do things.

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