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Have Faith In God to Help you Forgive

by Jennifer Osterwood
(Queensland, Australia)

Sometimes I get upset with my husband because he doesn't understand how hard I work during the day with our three children. He owns a store and works all the time, and gets very wrapped up in his duties. When he comes home he expects that I can drop everything and spend time with him, but I am very tired!

We have other disagreements, as his mother lives nearby and often drops in unexpectedly on me and the children. He doesn't understand why I get upset about this! I can get pretty upset, but what I do is to pray when I get angry. I ask God to take away the angry thoughts and feelings. I tend to hold a grudge, and so I have to pray a lot. When I ask God to help me forgive, eventually the anger goes away. If you are angry with your family, pray to God and He will take it away. Have faith in God that He can restore harmony to your family. This has helped me a lot.

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