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Hand of God to Intervene

by Kimberly
(Orange Park, FL)

Dear Jesus,
Tomorrow will be P's return to Washington from his training class. He told me that if he did anything crazy within these last five weeks, to just get through it with him. Please, I pray, that your Holy Hand of Grace will intervene in this situation. Touch his head, heart, and soul and allow him to remember all the goodness he had with me. Allow him to be released from all attitude, anger, and negative influences he has been under. Allow his heart and mind to reach out to me, to establish contact back with me. Let him pick up that phone to contact me, want to talk to me, and bring me back up to Washington to see him. I pray, a miracle brought him into my life. I pray that a miracle brings him back. Please forgive any mistakes and wrong steps I've made in my life and with him and forgive him for the same, as I will forgive him also. Do not allow us to stay separated, Lord. You know the desires, good desires, of my heart. You know what I am longing for. I want to hold him in my arms and say THANK YOU LORD for blessing me with this gift and another chance. Bring Phillip knocking. Allow him to step over that wall of silence and separation and bring us back together again. In your Holy Name, please, I plead with you, answer my prayer. Whatever you need, whoever I can help, please just tell me. I have let it be known my prayers and cries to you. I will let it be known that it was Your hand that led him back to my life. Please, hear my cries and send me a sign and answer from Phillip. Do not let it be long before he is lonely and has memories of me and the want to contact me and ask for me to return.


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