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by Jeanne Fiedler
(Washington Twp. ,NJ)

God's love
leads the way,
helps us do the things
we need to
and other spectacular feats.
With God's love,
we are the best we can be,
miracles happen,
We choose to do right
and say no to all wrong.
we are consoled by our faith,
see positively,
have visions of a new earth
bathed in light...

We do his work.
We love and respect each other.
We have a true purpose
that is meant for us
and makes us so happy...

We understand that when
tragic things happen on earth,
it's only a temporary plane of existence.
There's an everlasting eternity of bliss,
where we're with God and have everything
we need always and forever...

We reunite with everyone;
A beautiful and spiritual get-together.

God makes us whole, pure, loving, charitable,
and strong.
God gives us everything we need.
God equals the highest form of all good...

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