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Gods Great Plan

by Jeannie

Now that 2012 has come to pass
Will the world become a better place at last
Because Universal love has been flooding the earth
Helping negative energies to slowly disperse

It has sent its light into dark places
Awakening truths that have been hidden for ages
And revealing all for those to see
What’s tucked inside of you and me

So change is inevitable that we all know
Although uncomfortable just go with the flow
If the brotherhood of man is to unite
We will have to give up our internal fight

Releasing our inner turmoil takes time
But underneath it all are feelings sublime
So don’t listen to your head get into your heart
It’s connected to your soul they are never apart

You’ll be guided and supported along life’s road
Gradually shifting your negative load
Know this is part of Gods great plan
For peace on earth and that of man

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