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God send her back...

When i am happy i hug you, when i am sad i fight with you.
Whatever it was, it was you only with whom i shared everything, whether it is good or bad.
I don't know when i started seeing you in her, i am sorry for that, i still love you.
But she is the one i want to spend my entire life, she is the one i wanna grow old with.
Please god you are the only one i can talk or ask for anything, you are the supreme being and father of all, please listen to your child, i admit that i was a horrible kid, but i promise i will not be anymore, i feel healed everytime i see or hear her. She is the only girl i have love whole heartedly, infact she is the only one i have said those 3 magical words to, now i wanna mean them. Please help me in standing on my feet, in giving her a great life she deserves. I want to live like a man, man of words i wanna keep my promise. But i also feel like she is my life, i cannot live without her. So please god give your this nasty kid a chance to do right. I wanna treat her like a princess which she really deserves, please help me, explain her that how much i love her, tell her to come back to me. I am waiting for her. God please don't test me, please send her soon. Nas i love you, please come back.

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