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God Knows I Need Lots Of Prayer In This Situation

PLEASE PRAY FOR ME: Trust me when I say, I can't even see how reconciliation in this situation will be possible. I am praying and believing GOD for Peace, Love, Healing, Forgiveness and Restoration in a long distance relationship I had with a gentleman by the name of Mr. Young. The relationship ended badly, I allowed friend of mine into this situation - my mistake and she created MASS DESTRUCTION. The sad part is that Mr. Young does not see that YET - he blames me COMPLETELY. I take responsibility for the things I did, but I do not deserve this. He's beyond angry with me and we have not had a decent conversation since we broke up 1 month ago. The woman I thought was my friend is "60" years old, I looked at her as a Mother figure, my Mom passed away 6 years ago, I trusted her and I confided into her. Mr. Young is 38 years old. In any case, this situations looks hopeless. I'm praying for Healing, Forgiveness, Peace, Commitment, Dedication and Restoration in my friendship and relationship with Mr. Young. Please pray for me, I truly need it, he told her that he wanted to marry me and fly me to Florida to meet his parents, and he told me the same thing. I'm devistated. All I can say is if she would not have made the call that she made to him, we would NOT be in this situation today and he DOES NOT see that. I am asking GOD to give him WISDOM to open his eyes. They both have turned completely against me, that is NOT the Mr. Young I know. He's been my friend for 2 years, he's been knowing her for 2 months. I have prayed and asked GOD to bring justice into this situation. I went to a church near my home, someone prayed with me, she asked GOD to deal with the 3rd party. It's still almost unbelievable what she did; but it's my fault, for letting her in. She stabbed me in the back...she's too old for that type of stuff, too old. She's 20 years older than him and 18 years older than me !!! THEY STILL COMMUNICATE - WHY??? I want it to stop, but I have no control over the situation. He told me, "we are NO LONGER in a relationship"..I was hit so hard with pain, I could not eat and I lost weight. I'm doing better now, just missing him - my best friend. I just need to know if it's GOD's will for us to be together & married or should I just move on..This is very painful for me. I'm trying to help myself, I decided not to contact him for 40 days and 40 nights. Today is day 2..I'm on a 40 day fast, this is definitely going to be a spiritual cleansing journey. Pray for me PLEASE...Thank you..

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