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God i need ur light

oh God I know u r there listening to me, looking at me holding my hand and saying yes to my every prayer. i know u granted everthing i wanted, i desired for, i prayed for. and even today i know for whatever i prayed for u said yes. But this darkness & fog inside me is not allowing me to see the light that is coming from ur side. Kindly open all the doors and help me to come out from this dark tunnel from where i am goiing through for such a long time. Kindly show me the way out from this tunnel towards light. i know you granted all my wishes but kindly give me signs so that i can hold my strength. Kindly make me belive that this is not a fantacy but yes u granted me the same. I can fulfil all my duties & always be ur dear child.I ask everything with a right as u r my mother & i have nobody other than u to listen to me.Oh Mother u know every dream of mine & u r the only one with i can discuss everything.Mother please help.

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