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For Lovers Only

by Naomi
(Midwest (Heartland))

Love takes our hands and guides us
where we could not go alone,
spreading blossoms on the path
to help us find the way.

A nightingale sings the secrets
from the tops of the trees,
keeping watch as we wander
in the magic of the night.

Our constant companion
will be our beloved’s voice
whispering through the heart
if we listen to the song.

The universe conspires
to spread the expanding light
upon the open meadows
of freedom and joy.

Delirious lovers awaken,
astonished by the beauty
of garlands of flowers
flowing through their hair.

Divine hands offer morning dew
to touch the lips of lovers
and refresh and renew them
with tenderness once again.

The dream has become
more real than all the worlds
we think we know so well,
for love is the only truth to trust.

We are nameless and hidden
in the circling covenant
of the rainbows of love in our eyes,
sharing our hearts with you.

The Lovers

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