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First Aid 4 The Soul...

by Gloria

Today is First Aid for the Soul! BANDAGES FOR THE SOUL. The very best gifts come from the heart, not a store. It's everything you may need for those little (or big) emergencies that life brings!! Please apply directly to your mind! Remember that..."Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing."

I have a little first-aid kit with a red cross shining on top
I have a bag of hot-gluesticks for mending broken hearts.
I have a pack of band-aids with pre-packaged love and care. to make up for all the kisses that no one will place there.
I have a white roll of gauze with a "no-find" guarantee.
I carry hopes and dreams and a tiny little bottle of self-love to sprinkle all over you.

Everyday please Be Good to You!
Listen carefully and truthfully to your Instincts and Heart.
Be yourself, Truthfully.
Accept yourself, Gratefully.
Value yourself, Joyfully.
Forgive yourself, Completely.
Treat yourself, Generously.
Balance yourself, Harmoniously.
Bless yourself, Abundantly.
Trust yourself, Confidently.
Love yourself, Wholeheartedly.
Empower yourself, immediately.
Give yourself, Enthusiastically.
Express yourself, Radiantly.
Remember this: If you can carry the unbearable. You can do the Impossible.
Maintain an Attitude that YOU precious one are Fierce, Fabulous and Fantastic!

We all need a little soul pick-up, and when it’s the kinds words from someone you love that are speaking to you, there is no better way to kiss your heart and make it better.

To make your own soulful first-aid kit for someone in need, cut bandage shapes from colored paper, write out motivating quotes, sayings, prayers, well-wishes, something personal and present them in a doctored-up bandage box and see how much your little acts of kindness makes such a marvelous difference to someone's day and life!

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