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Sep 14, 2010
I know how you feel, praying for both off us and guidence from the universe
by: Anonymous

well, guess what, your posting request does not shock me at all. In my family, my dad lost millions overnight last year in the stock market, and yes the banks will come after him this year.

HOwever, he is the one who did this to himself out off stupitity, when his angels told him not too. I know because I'm spiritual, and he isnt.

He is immature with to much pride, and ego, and would never ever, come to a blessing page like this for prayers. You are very couragous

The reason I sense you are a very good soul with a heart off gold, is you came to this page/site, for prayers, and they never would. Therefore you can only be rewarded in various ways, I feel thats how the universe works, in time.

I sense that in your case, the universe, and the higher forces and God, and higher angels will give you something good in return, after all this disaster happens.

I also sense this wasn't your fault, and if you werent well, if you made a financial mistake, the angels and God knows that too "Your Already Forgiven" by God. God and the angels know everything that.

I have also been unwell every day, and I too fall into the same traps, off not hearing my angels very loud, yet when i do, I'm not well enough, hear them clearly, from extreme depth off pain.

This extreme inhuman pain,happens, then I too fall into my own despair with panic and anxiety, who wouldnt, its inhuman to go through panic, anxiety, despair, shock, despression.

I sense the universe and higher universal forces, and angels will look over you, in various way, to make it easier to deal with.

I feel you will recieve blessings, in return from the universe after all this happens and reaches it point.
Or the universe might help in other ways, not sure, how. I know its hard to tune into the angels when the pain is unreal. Its to damn hard I know.

I pray out to the universe and call out for stronger higher forces. Sometimes that works better then angels.

I pray the universe and higher forces, and higher vibrational energies, from above, will surround our situational cirumstances in the most purest white light, from today onwards.

I pray we are both surrounded in pure white light from above. I pray for both off us to have universal guidence, and are brought new stronger angels to our side.

To help us cope with srength with both our horrific situational circumstances, with warm loving care.

I pray to the higher universal energies, and forces, that we will be looked over and protected, with pure light off protections, and from the universal energies from above. Prayers to you and I, with love

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