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Entering Infinity

by Adrian Marroquin
(Shafter, California, USA)

I Cannot Say,
I'm Better Then Any Of You,
But Only That Time,
Has Revealed To Me The Truth,

I Would Never Claim,
To Be Superior To Any,
We're All The Same,
The Only Variables Are Time And Experience,

Think About It,
You Can Be Just As Good As Anybody Else,
Given Their Time And Experience,
Take That Away,
And All Differences Diminish,

Yes We're Unique,
But Not In The Ways We Think,
Those Ways,
Are The Ways Of Greed,

We're Unique,
As A Massive Community,

Differing From Those,
Of Other Worlds,
Because Of The Level,
We Have Attained Within Our Soul,

Depending How Deep,
You Want To Go,
Entering Down Into,
The Rabbit Hole,

The Further You Go,
The More You Realize,
That All Is The Same,
The Only Difference,
Is In Your Own Mind.

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