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What is Energy Healing Therapy?

Energy healing therapy is an excellent compliment to any other form of traditional, medical or holistic healing treatments. A good energy healing session can assist your body, mind and spirit to find greater harmony, ease, and balance.

Most energy healing therapies work with a specific vibration or ray of God's Light. If you are seeking energy healing therapy, you will find yourself attracted to the kinds of healing work that most resonate with your soul's vibration.

We all are souls, temporarily clothed on our wonderful physical bodies. We are all energy, and only a part of us is physically embodied. When there is a problem with our physical, emotional or spiritual health, addressing this problem on any level will help ... and addressing the root of the problem can eventually bring a complete healing to the problem.

Energy healing therapy can be very helpful in this process of addressing the root of any kind of symptom, especially chronic challenges that seem to have no medical or psychological explanation to them.

For acute problems, energy healing therapy can help in other ways. If you have a broken leg, the root of that problem may not be an unresolved past life or family trauma, it may be simply that the leg is broken :-) There will be a spiritual learning process around the broken leg, for example what are you learning from having a broken leg, and where does this bring you in your life. In this case energy healing therapy can help speed up the healing process and bring comfort and peace during a difficult time.

A Note About Healing

Spiritual healing does not necessarily happen on our timetable. We may pray for healing, let's say for a chronic illness, and the result we initially see is not what we asked for. It may be that a deeper part of ourselves, that we are not yet aware of, is being healed in a much more profound way than we are currently aware of.

My spiritual godfather in Brazil once said to us that God wants so much more for us than we do ... if we could only surrender our smaller selves and allow the Divine to do this work with us! For more on the deeper level of healing, and what it can take so long, please see The Divine Healing Process.

I offer a free live online guided meditation and healing session each week at the World Blessings Circle of Healing which may give you a sense of some of the possibilities of energy healing for ourselves, each other and for our planet.

Specific Energy Healing Therapies

All energy healing therapy involves not only the specific technique being used (i.e. Reiki or acupuncture) but also involves the practitioner ... the person offering or channeling the energy therapy.

Many holistic healing modalities have a strong energy healing component ... Reiki, color healing, sound healing, flower essences, gem essences, acupuncture, homeopathy, Polarity therapy, Touch for health, Jo Rei, guided meditation, Network Chiropractic, crystal healing and more. These all tap into the energetic level of healing of the body, mind and spirit.

It has been my experience especially with energy healing therapy, that the healing modality used takes second place in importance to the vibration and clarity of the practitioner offering the healing.

For example I've had the experience of working with at least 8 different acupuncturists in my life, all of them trained at the same school. Acupuncture is a healing modality that works well for me, and my spiritual work has required a great deal of travel which would mean leaving some of my favorite practitioners.

Each of my acupuncturists was incredibly skilled, compassionate, and each were beautiful souls who I love deeply. And most of of them helped me a great deal. What I found was that those practitioners who had a strong spiritual practice, who were most deeply self aware, were able to help me the most. Those who were carrying a lot of emotional baggage were difficult for me to work with and their sessions though technically accurate did not make a lasting change within my body/mind/spirit.

When you are looking for an energy healing therapy practitioner, you need to pay attention to your experience of the energetic level of interaction with the person. How do you feel when you talk with them? Do you sense a presence of love and Light and peace? The practical level of the practitioner's training and experience is also important, especially for energy healing work that has a strong physical component like acupuncture where needles are used. You definitely want an excellent and skilled professional, as well as a person who has a clear and loving presence.

You can get a background on the principles behind energy healing therapy at our energy healing page. Here is more information on healing with gemstones.

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