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by Adrian Marroquin
(Shafter, California, USA)

I'm A Soldier Of The vibe,
A Soldier Of The Passion,
I'm A Soldier Of The Soul,
The Soul That's Everlasting,

So I Might Do Things,
That Make Me Appear Insane,
But I Do It From My Heart,
So I Know There's Something To Gain,

All The Judgment In The World,
It Couldn't Stop Me,
Yet Some Of You Still Stand There,

Wasting Your Energy On A Lost Cause,
Cause I Pave My Own Road,
And It's The Very Same One,
That Helps Me Achieve My Goals,

You Pave Your's Too,
And In Time,
God Will Find You,
But You May Realize,
He Was Always Inside You,

Astounding A Thought,
The Realization Of God,
And The Whole Time You Feared,
You Had No Cause,

The Cause Is What You Create,
Depending On Your Mental State,
So Open Your Mind Wide,
For Your Truth Is What You Make,

I Found God,
I Just Didn't Know That He Could Be,
Standing In The Mirror,
Staring Right Back At Me,

I'M Not Holy,
Oh Not At All,
I'm Simply A Man,
Answering His Heart's Calls.

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