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by Rose
(Pittsburgh, PA)

My daughter and her baby!

My daughter and her baby!

Please,God, if its your will,
please ask all of your beloved, of all faiths and creeds to pray I may find a career changing job in Ormond Beach, Florida. I want to take my family of four children back to their home state. I am unemployed and just want a good job to support them and leave them a home.
I am a single mom, divorced from a drug addict that left us dry with nothing, and even tried to take that. I am an older women, and the Lord knows how hard it is to try and find a good job. I applied at a City Clerk position at the City of Ormond Beach. May the administrators have soften their hearts to see me as an asset to the city and call me in to interview.
Please, find it in your hearts for provide prayers for this...in Jesus's name, Amen

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