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Desperate pleading for help by Sunday

by Kimberly
(Orange Park, FL)

I am awake, pleading and begging for my desperate case. Please, pray these prayers and cries are heard. Pray the person involved is reversed in his decision has his head is not clear. Please pray for a miracle by Sunday. I can not bare to live many more hours without this request being granted as it's tearing my life apart.

Pray that my one request is returned to me instantly. I pray at this moment he realizes his mistake and returns to me and appreciates me as someone wonderful in his life that he can not let go of. I pray that my actions of not calling and crying to him will change of heart towards me and make him realize what he's done and will want to make us right again immediately. I pray that God guides his head and heart and his hands and that he will be on the phone with me by Sunday.

We must pray for this quickly so that I will not suffer from this. I do not want to hurt anymore. I do not want to live my days without Phillip. I pray for his return.

Pray that I will know what to do. I am alone and lost and left behind and I need help as I am broken.

Prayer and miracles brought him to me and there is nothing wrong and there was nothing wrong until this class he his taking. Please let him realize what he is doing and come back.

Please take all anger and hurt from us for recent actions. Pray God softens Phillip and has him call me because I am missed.

I am praying for a miracle and only a miracle can help me now.

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