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Comments for Desperate pleading for help by Sunday

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Nov 05, 2008
Prayers of Desperation
by: Deb

Dear friend...I hear the desperation in your message...and I pray for your highest good and I do not know what that is...I pray for peace to flood your heart...that you will know that you are never alone and that you ARE loved and you are special...if it is the best I pray for his return, but if it is not for the highest good and does not occur, I pray for YOU...for courage and strength to move forward...KNOW that God loves you and everything is going to work out somehow...believe it...it WILL..I reach out in love. May you be blessed.

Nov 05, 2008
Prayers for you
by: Anonymous

I will pray for you. I understand you thoroughly as I'm sailing on a similar boat as you

Nov 05, 2008
I will pray for you Kimberly
by: Anonymous

Be strong Kimberly!!!God is always with us..Just be very calm. God is always there for us; just keep your faith in Him,

Jan 14, 2009
I Pray For You
by: Joan

Kimberly I hear your cry and I am sure that God hears it too. I will pray for you. Do not rush to a conclusion about anything in your life but ask God to work it out, even if you dont see an answer at the time that you set (Sunday), keep praying because God is working it out. Give it some time, God has delivered us before and he will do it again. God bless you my sister.

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