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Desperate for a visible sign today

by Kimberly
(Orange Park, FL)

I am the kind of person that needs reassurance. I need something to hang on to in a life full of chaos and broken roads. I pray, that today, God shows me a visible sign that if Phillip is coming back to me or if we will get past this silence between us, he will contact me today. If he isn't, I pray that God gives me a visible sign on who I am going to be with and how this is supposed to work. I can not go on like this without nothing to hold on to. I'm just lost in a room of darkness and can't see the light. I pray, please, my heart is asking for Phillip to restore communication with me, but if that is never meant to be, please show me what is meant to be!!! Please, God, I pray, you made me the kind that needed visible help, a reassuring sign that practically hits me in the face that is undoubtedly clear to me. I ask for the powerful intercession and divine help that you can give me as I have no idea what to do. I pray and ask for this answer today. I know you can do this. Please, please, I ask you do help me today in this desperate need of hurt and confusion and lost feelings. If you can, Lord, I simple pray for Phillip to just begin communication with me. Amen.

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