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by Rupa Gandhi

please help me! I am praying for a job - I place my full trust in God. I need prayer that my boss and co-workers will be understanding and that I won't lose my job because of what happened. I really like my job and I need my job jesus, im sincerlly working in my job place. please help me & pray for me & my family! I am praying for a job.Dear jesus,PLZ Safe my jobi m on person in my family. MY FATHER injured in bomblast he is in bed & MOTHER also IS SICK NOBODY in home. im only one person in take care of my family. my left hand middle finger are damage in accident so many doctor i consualt. I have been to the doctor but he is not able to cure me. Please dear my finger will be alright than i take care of my parents. This I ask in Jesus' name, Amen. im so much finacially problem .MY BOSS IS TRUST ME IN MY JOB. Please save my job. Please pray that people who are trying to malign me & put me in problem fail. Please save my job. Please take care of the uncertainty at my work place. Please help me Dear brother.i m so much depress ( im so much pass on crectical situation so much finacially problem) plz jesus put in my boss mind & save my job.

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