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Creative Grace

by Naomi

With each journey we make,
we lovingly embrace
what has gone before us,
then release it and set it free.

With every act of love,
we clear the way for something
new to happen.

We turn toward the light of the future
and find ourselves in the
revelation of the present moment.

Freedom empowers us,
gives us the vision to create,
to open the heart,
and to awaken the sleeping beauty
within the soul.

What are the places within each of us
that long to be touched,
to be known?

What is it in each of us that
is longing to be born?

We enter the darkness to allow
it to be formed,
to nurture the growth of the seed
that hungers for the light.

We move into the unknown,
center in silence, bask in the stillness,
and there we discover the spark
that will light the flame
in our hearts.

When the soul appears and awakens
and begins to express in whatever way
we are guided to create,
our liberation and joy
becomes a living invitation to all
to seek their own freedom.

We are all prisoners of the roles we play,
captive to the past and the ideas
of those who have gone before us.
We are all yearning to be free.

We weep and wander and search
for who we are
and why we are here.

Morning lifts the curtain
and reveals an open sky
inviting us to spread our wings
of love and fly.

The universe is a sumptuous feast
of welcome, a gift of grace,
spread out before us
honoring and celebrating
our birth.

We are anointed
and warmed by the light,
blessed with a never-ending flow
of love filling our hearts
and flooding the earth,
brimming with the beauty
of life.


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