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Connecting and Sharing by Liz

by Liz Hyland
(Dubai, UAE)

I am 53, an Australian expat living in Dubai and have been consciously on this journey for most of my life, my purpose always being to awaken or ascend.

While I have mostly absorbed spiritual literature like a sponge for the last 30 years, I have also had periods of needing to withdraw and read nothing and just experience life, allowing my energies to adjust and regroup without any other influences. I have also gone through big periods of not being able to find the right thing to read - there just being nothing around that speaks to me and feeling very isolated and alone.

Living as an expat in various countries for the last 17 years has often amplified that feeling, especially when my social networks have all been so transient and most of my friends not consciously on a spiritual path. The internet and wonderful sites like yours, which I have only recently found, has helped enormously.

It is a great comfort to find others who are engaged in the work of awakening and opening consciously to the unmapped terrain of the new energy and to read of their encounters. We are all figuring it out together as we feel our way into it and through it. It's very much the brail method.

Having said all this, the social bareness I have experienced for so many years has changed dramatically very recently with a flood of new people coming into my life who are on the spiritual path.

I am fortunate to be at a time in my life where I have few demands on me from my family. I have huge amounts of time to myself but find I am wanting to do very little and keep mostly to myself. I need some social contact with people but can't endure social commitments - even committing to lunch often feels like a burden.

In years gone by I have taught a lot taking Reiki workshops in various places. I've written manuals and painted quite a bit, but got interrupted with moves from country to country or traveling.

Knowing I haven't got it in me to go near charity work of any kind, I often feel I should be doing something more productive with my time. However, I also appreciate the importance of holding the highest level of energy vibration I can and don't wish to undermine this which nearly any kind of commitment would do.

For some time I have not been not very productive with even personal projects. I feel I should be writing and painting again more - but it doesn't feel right to force these things. It's hard to know whether I am honouring myself by not doing...... or just lacking discipline and commitment big time. This creates a lot of inner tension. I have small bursts of inspiration, but lack the energy to carry through with anything. I just have to accept that that is the way it is. I long for higher energy levels and look forward to feeling less like a sloth.

I need to sleep a lot more than most people - which may be a Dubai heat thing, although we have air conditioning. The energy feels very strong here and I feel it just knocks me out. I just don't know how anyone holds down a 9 - 5 job here. Having said that, I love being here. I love the sunshine, the sky and the desert.

My body is very sensitive to what I put in it. I am not wanting sugar, coffee, anything fatty, or grain of any sort. I would LOVE to be vegetarian but my body needs meat protein very regularly. I find eating about 6 small meals a day - fruit, veg, yoghurt, eggs and meat. I love and crave lemon water. If I don't do this my digestive system plays up. I am very overweight but am not struggling with it. It is the way it is. I eat healthily. I won't deny my body food when it is needing it. The thing is it seems to need more than a lot of people eat. I know it is grounding me.

For quite some time I was aware of a lot of things happening in my head - sometimes the crown but mostly in the base of the back of the head - dull achiness but mostly bearable. I have felt it is that energy centre opening up more. Also upper back stiffness.

I have been very glad for Reiki. The way the energy feels coming through my hands has changed a lot over the past few years- it is much finer - a more subtle energy. For a while I thought the Reiki had stopped - that it wasn't working any more - but then found it was and is still a huge help in clearing, opening and balancing.

I went through about 3 years of head fuzz, but I have greater clarity in my mind again these days.

It is hard to know where symptoms of menopause start and those of building a new light body begin. I consider that I've been through menopause now for 2 years. I get little gestalts of energy bursting forth in my solar plexus, which I am more aware of at night. They aren't hot flushes - don't feel like hot flushes - but they give me energy and make it a little harder to get back to sleep.

Meditation is an essential part of my day and I am so thankful for how much conscious breathing helps, shifting things anywhere, any time as does the practice of gratitude and acceptance of what is.

Thank you for your wonderful wonderful site. Let me know if you are ever coming my way.

Best wishes,

Liz Hyland

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