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Conduit of "DIVINE" Expression

by Author Darrin Owens

"HOLY SPIRIT" Come, Bring to us the Sacred Energy of the "DIVINE" so that we may have INTERIOR POWER. This power is fueled by LOVE, and it now washes over us. Every cell, every organ, and every bone are now activated by this Sacred Energy. We now put our intention on this positive Power . May it direct our lives to its fullest potential and guide us to our destiny.
We know that we control our thoughts, and we allow our Interior Power to enrich our minds. No longer will we fall into fear, but we will live in LOVE. The Sacred Power that "YOU" the "DIVINE" , has bestowed upon us will activate pure intention and pure thought. May we now be a channel of this Power to bless the world. With "YOUR" blessing we now reclaim this Power as our own and take it back from that which is no longer right or healthy for us. We accept this blessing HERE and NOW! and to "YOU","DIVINE PRESENCE" in the Universes, We say Thank "YOU"

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Oct 22, 2008
Divine Expression
by: Deb

Dear Darrin...thank you so for the prayer...I read it, said it out loud and claimed it as my own....release us all from the fear and move us into the magnificence of who we really are through the love that lies within our hearts...in gratitude..thank you.

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