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Conception Of Illumination

by Adrian Marroquin
(Shafter, California, USA)

Lord Kill The Judgement,
And Resurrect It Into Love,
Let My Heart Pour To Those,
Who Don't Have Enough,

Always Dreamed Of Healing,
Trying To Find A Way To Soothe,
The Battle-Scars This life Gives Us,
So We May See Through The Gloom,

So I Give These Words My Heart,
Every Aspect Of My Soul,
Hoping They Reach Out To You,
And Help You Come To Know,

My You Embrace Them,
Let Them Take You Above,
Above The Influence,
Of Those Too Quick To Judge,

A Free Mind And Heart,
Hard To See it Any Other Way,
After You Been Exposed,
To The Truth You've Misplaced,

Don't Take My Word,
Feel The Feeling Within You,
The Deep Fire Of Transformation,
Telling You There's Nothing You Can't Do,

Hold Onto It,
Let The Vibration Become You,
Let It Take You To A Mental State,
Awakening Everything,
You Surely Knew Was Fake,

Let Your Ego Die,
As The Possibilities Flow,
This Is The Real You,
Before You Came To This World,

It's All Clear Now,
You've Recognized Home,
And Even More-So,
You Understand You're Not Alone,

This Life Is A Play,
The Greatest We Know,
A Virtual Reality,
Embedded With Our Souls,

We Are The Directors,
We Are In Control,
Yet We've Become So Accustomed,
With Playing A Character's Role,

So Let This Be My Seed,
May It Lay Deep Within Your Mind,
And As It Grows,
Slowly Illuminating You Back To Light.

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