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Communion of the Heart

by Naomi

O beautiful One, my beautiful Beloved,
I awaken in the night, my heart thoughts
and feelings fly from my dream to you.
You, who are awake in your vigil
to the world, awake in your great heart,
caring, creating, and listening
to the voices crying out to you
from private places,
hearts sharing their tears and fears
hoping you hear them,
longing to believe someone cares.
You send us light in the stars
and the moon, warming the earth
with the sun. My life begins with you,
and I hold your light within my heart,
feel your essence alive within me,
moving, stirring, allowing me to feel
your existence through the beating of my heart,
and with every precious breath I breathe.
I lift up my love, my expanding heart,
and spread my open hands
to receive the overflowing streams
pouring from your heart,
like an everflowing spring from
your wounds of love.
I am made new with every sip of you.
Your glory passes through my lips,
and I share in the great communion.
Oh thirsty ones, kneel at the altar
of your heart and receive
the communion of love.



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