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Come into My Healing Arms of Love

Oh beloved one
surrender to me
empty your self of all else
make room for me
allow my love to flow
through you

Come to me
with the innocence
of one reborn
in My Love

Open your heart
and feel me drawing you
to Myself
to be with you
to love you

Come to me
enter the heart
and know me there

Run to the arms of Love
awaken to my Presence
for I will fill your every need
your secret longings
in a way that is perfect
for your heart and soul and mind
Spirit to spirit
Soul to soul
Mind to mind
Heart to heart
and you will know Love

Surrender your secret
longings to me
for this is the path of union

You are in the world
but you do not belong to the world
you belong to Love
and Love always holds
you in perfect freedom

Awaken and come
to the Well of My Heart
and be refreshed

Come to the Spring
ever flowing
to drink
to be renewed

Melt into these Arms
encircling you…
always welcoming you
eager for you

I am your church
your temple
your cathedral
your refuge
your sanctuary
your home

I am your everything

Come rest
next to my Heart
and enter
the house of Love

Come to me
and together
we will create a relationship
that only we will know

There is no thought
that you have that I do not hear
share your tears
your fears
your laughter
and your loneliness
whatever you are feeling
share your hunger to know me
to be known by me
moment to moment to moment

You were created
for this intimacy with me

I created you
out of All that I am
to love you
to share all that I create
with you

Come to me
in the surrendering love
of all that you are
and have ever been

Come into my healing
arms of love

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