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Colleague Giving Me a Tough Time

by Nobelungu
(Bloemfontein )

I am not trying to be racist or what but there is this senior colleague of mine he is white, first time when I arrived at this department I greeted him but he didn’t reply so I tried for several times but still he didn’t reply so there is this Indian one I used to greet and he will respond but when he is with this other one he doesn’t and he decided not to anymore. And there is this new white guy who has been appointed last month he used to greet me then I greeted while he was standing with that one then he also decide not to greet me so I don’t know what I have done to this guy, when both of us come in the corridor he will run and enter his office or just turn to the other side. Sunday I prayed to God to change him or me cause I don’t know his problem, one thing I know is that most of the white, coloureds and Indians in our department they are racist so please pray for them to change their attitudes. Because now if I think of coming to work I become depressed because me and this guy we are working on the same floor at it seems as he is influencing others. So please pray for me

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