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Channeling Intuitive Guidance

Channeling intuitive guidance has become popular since the late 1980's when a movement of awakening propelled many spiritual seekers to open their inner wisdom to connect with the spiritual realms.

Since that time, there has been much learning about channeling. Through trial and error, many spiritual seekers have come to understand the importance of using discernment, both in the process of opening yourself up as a channel to receiving spiritual guidance, and also in the process of listening to spiritual guidance channeled or received from others.

Channeling is an Ancient Practice

What really is the process of channeling about? Channeling is an ancient practice that has become more well known in today's times. Channeling is also known as mediumship, and in some cultures is widely accepted as a viable spiritual practice. 

In western culture, channeling intuitive guidance is still seen skeptically. In the process of channeling, a physically embodied person opens their awareness and consciousness to create an interdimensional bridge of communication with the realms of spirit, for the purposes of spiritual teaching and healing.

Channeling is most frequently done to seek guidance, counsel and healing, although in many native spiritual traditions, the process of channeling can be used to assist suffering souls who are no longer physically embodied.

This form of channeling is often known as mediumship. Through works of charity, these native channels or mediums will allow the suffering souls who have become stuck in the lower astral realms to temporarily inhabit their physical form in order to offer them a passageway to the light.

As the process of the transformation of consciousness has accelerated on the Earth, many ancient spiritual practices which previously were hidden and unavailable to most people are now being made available to a wide number of people, to assist humanity's spiritual awakening process.

Channeling nowadays is most often associated with channeling spirits, or specific entities and beings from the spiritual realms who have made themselves available to assist those on the Earth.

In this kind of channeling, as with any process of channeling spiritual guidance, it is extremely important that the channel be a loving and balanced individual who knows themselves well, is scrupulously honest and motivated by love.

How Do I Know About Channeling?

When I was in my very early twenties, I had a powerful and unexpected experience of the Divine, which some call God, or the Creator, or many other sacred names.

At the time I had absolutely no experience of anything you would call spiritual!  There was nothing in my family background or environment that produced this, only a miracle of grace that allowed me to know that I am a soul.

After this, many intuitive abilities began to develop, and I eventually began a private practice offering healing sessions.  

One of my clients was in need of some new solutions, and we both had the feeling that more help was needed for him.  For this reason, I prayed to be shown how to help more, and soon after this, I began to experience benevolent helpers from non-physical realms who were able to offer greater light and wisdom to my client. 

I was surprised to discover that this seemed natural to me to communicate in this way, even though I had no experience in this life with such things.  

Later on I had the tremendous blessing to experience and learn from native Brazilian spiritual mediums who work within spiritual traditions that offer works of charity and healing.  

As I began to explore and learn from these experiences, the capability of receiving messages has become a central aspect of my work as a messenger for the Realms of Light.  You can see some of the most recent transmissions that have come through here at WorldBlessings.net 

Some of the Pitfalls of Channeling Intuitive Guidance

Like any other spiritual practice, channeling intuitive guidance can be distorted or used improperly and so the utmost care needs to be taken both by the channel (i.e. the person opening themselves to ask for intuitive guidance) and also by those receiving the spiritual guidance that is offered.

I have seen too many examples of people getting hurt, in any number of ways.

If the channel is carrying unconscious motivations that are less than pure, this can impact not only the quality of the energies of light coming through, but can also create a distortion in the teachings offered, or worse can create dependency rather than empowerment.

Each one of us that is here on the Earth has a team of helpers from the spiritual realms, and we each have the capacity to ask for and receive guidance.  

The goal of any form of channeling or spiritual healing is to empower you to be fully who you are, a soul created by the Divine, and to free you from older energies that prevent you from living and being that love that you are.

How Does an Intuitive Channel Become Clear?

The process of becoming clear within ones own consciousness is also known as the process of purification. This sacred process frees a person from karmic and emotional residues of negative energy that impede the free flow of light through one's consciousness.  

Purification is an ancient teaching and I have found the most helpful and present day information about this here at Light Omega.

Through the process of purification, a person's ability to begin channeling intuitive guidance opens naturally. It is important for one who is channeling intuitive guidance to embody purity of heart.

If the one who is channeling carries residues of greed, negativity, the desire for power, or the need to see oneself as superior to others, then the light and love and spiritual messages being sent through from the spiritual realms will be dimmed or distorted.

In addition, areas of unconsciousness where negative energy is held within a person can attract those beings in the spiritual realms that carry a negative energy or intentionality.

There are many spiritual beings from all levels of the spiritual realms that are available to offer love and healing to those on the Earth at this time. It is important to exercise great discernment when channeling intuitive guidance.

Not all beings in the spiritual realms are true spiritual teachers and healers. There are some spiritual beings who are in need of healing themselves.

This is a very fine study in the process of channeling intuitive guidance which requires the utmost care and the guidance of experienced and knowledgeable teachers who are able to fully embody God's love.

How To Discern the Truth of Channeled Guidance?

The way to discern the truth of any intuitive spiritual guidance is to notice the vibration, the energy of the channeled guidance.

How do you feel when you read or listen to the guidance?

Most importantly, does it carry the energy of love?

Sometimes spiritual guidance can carry an energy of light but is lacking in love.  

Negative or deceptive energies can sometimes imitate energies of light, but they cannot produce love.

Love is the highest and strongest force on the planet, and cannot be imitated or produced by negative energies.

Does the guidance uplift you and help you to feel more connected with your own spirit?

Channeling intuitive guidance is intended to support humanity's spiritual upliftment, and is offered by the realms of spirit for love and healing.

Channeling intuitive guidance is not intended to replace your own relationship with God or with your spiritual path, but rather to be an aid and support along the way.

How Do I Know If I am Channeling?

This is a great question!  It is one that I spent many years trying to figure out also!  

I can only share my own experience here, which perhaps can be helpful to you.

I have noticed that there is a different energy that comes through when those that guide me from the Realms of Light are present.

I feel a stronger light, and my speech changes, and my whole body feels upheld and bathed in a light that I normally do not experience when I am just "being myself".

There is a feeling that I am being sent healing energy, even if I am helping someone else.

The strongest experience I've had of this recently was our January 2021 Circle of Healing when the transmission was very strong.  I even transcribed this one as the Realms of Light shared helpful information about preparing for the future.

My friends and husband who know me well also give me feedback that they can feel a much greater light when the Guides are present.  They will say and know things that I do not have knowledge of.

Another very unusual way that I am able to feel those that guide me is through viewing or listening to the healings and guided meditations I receive.

I normally greatly dislike hearing my voice or seeing myself on video, however in the healing meditations that I receive from the Realms of Light, I feel the healing transmission which actually creates a healing experience for me when I am listening.

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