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Changing the World via A Journey of Self-Discovery

by Linda Labertew, Mpsy. D.
(New Smyrna Beach, FL)

The effort I am making today in doing my part to change the world first began with a change in how I viewed my own personal circumstances as it relates to the realities I created or co-created at the hands of my own limited thinking, my disabling beliefs, my unbalanced emotions and the rather deceptive perceptions I viewed many of my personal experiences from as well as the choices and decisions I made in response to the undesirable external influences in my life.

Having found myself in a pit of disparity at the midpoint of my life caused me to become a Questor of truths that resulted in a two year spiritual, metaphysical and quantum journey of self-discovery. While on this journey I found a level of spirituality that far surpassed the religious affects of my Catholic upbringing and my Christian experiences. The result of my journey of self-discovery was that I emerged back into the world having been reshaped and remolded with an entirely new outlook on life and found the fulfillment of my life's purpose. The journey was not only an immeasurable experience but was one that became a life changing experience on the mental, emotional and spiritual planes of my existence.

Consequently, I was inspired to write a book about my journey of self-discovery because I knew all to well that I had not blazed any unfamiliar paths in life but that many others had or were blazing similar trails. I knew that what I had experienced could serve as an inspiration to others and would encourage people much like me to set the wheels of external change in motion by looking inward first - no easy feat. After I submitted my manuscript to my publisher I continued to act on inspired lead and vision. I created a website intended to carry out the message in my book on a much broader scale. Thus far this has proven to be a very rewarding experience. On the heels of my first book and the creation of the website came another writing project that is a work in progress - a second and much more comprehensive book that is designed to help us better understand the nature of our personal realities. The approach to writing this book is comprehensive because it addresses the nature of our personal realities from a metaphysical, spiritual and quantum perspective. We cannot hope to change the realities of the world we live in if we are not consciously aware of how and why we create our own personal realities that for so many people are not very desirable realities.

If anyone is interested in learning more about how I am reaching out to the world I would like to extend an invitation to visit my website:www.dragonofdrama.com. Unlike most websites these days, there is nothing for sale on my website other than to accept donations to help with the cost of maintaining the website and of course to purchase my book when it becomes available for sale. As a metaphysician I do offer spiritual/metaphysical counseling that is available to anyone in need of such counseling but this is not the thrust of the website. My education and counseling credentials are listed there on the website.

Just as a point of interest, my website was once scrutinized by a fellow colleague who informed me that my site was not "monetized" sufficiently. Although I am a retired accountant by trade, that business perspective sadden me greatly because I believe that the responsibility of becoming beacons of light or light workers does not always have to rest on the bottom line and the almighty dollar.

Thank you for the opportunity to share a brief portion of my personal story.

Many Blessings,

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